Pikes Peak Lacrosse Sharpshooters are a non-profit youth lacrosse organization serving Colorado Springs School District 11 (D11), District 49 (D49) and the surrounding areas of Falcon, Fountain, Manitou Springs, Black Forest, Briargate, Woodmoor and Monum

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New to Lacrosse?
Here's a rundown of what you need to do, buy, etc.
1) US Lacrosse Registration.
Click here to register. You must be a member to play on a Pikes Peak Lacrosse team. See the US Lacrosse for details on the benefits of membership.
For Club/Team Affiliation please choose "Colorado" and "Pikes Peak Lacrosse Sharpshooters" during registration.

2) Create a Parent Login by joining Pikes Peak Lacrosse (Parental Account Creation):
Click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page to sign up. A Parent Account will allow to to register your children for lacrosse through Pikes Peak Lacrosse Club.

3) Determine Uniform Size at https://uniforms.pikespeaklacrosse.com

4) Register for Lacrosse at http://registration.pikespeaklacrosse.com

5) Purchase Equipment (boys):

Start Here: 

US LACROSSE EQUIPMENT FITTING GUIDE - http://www.uslacrosse.org/portals/1/documents/pdf/about-the-sport/us-lacrosse-equipment-fit-guide.pdf

U9/8/7 - Equipment Recommendations

U13/12/11/10 - Equipment Recommendations

U15 - Equipment Recommendations


  • stick - Any new or used stick will do. About 99% of store bought new sticks will have pockets that are not conducive to learning basic lacrosse skills, PPL coaches suggest having ALL stick pockets restrung based on the players ability and throwing style, especially new sticks.
  • lacrosse helmet - Cascade R and Warrior Regulator helmets have been recalled and will not be allowed for us during practice or games.
  • mouth guard - please buy an extra mouthpiece to place in your gear bag.
  • lacrosse shoulder pads
  • arm guards (some kids prefer smaller elbow pads but they leave more skin exposed to stick checks and balls.)
  • lacrosse gloves
  • protective cup


  • rib pads (protect ribs and kidneys from fast flying ball and stick checks)
  • cleats (recommended. Good for playing on natural turf)
  • large duffle bag and water bottle


Download Coupons for discounts at our team sponsor DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Some on-line vendors sell "starter packages" for new players.

TAMA Lacrosse is a local vendor for new gear, stick stringing and youth lacrosse information.
4585 North Chestnut Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
Monday - Saturday 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Sunday 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
719.528.TAMA (8262)


Play it Again Sports is a good local source for used gear.
5170 N Academy Blvd (Academy & Union next to Target)
Colorado Springs, CO 80918


6) Practice, practice, practice!

Ball control is the hardest part of learning to play lacrosse. It takes hours of throwing a ball (tennis balls bounce better) against a wall and catching to gain good ball control and hand-eye coordination.  Below are videos with Wall Ball routines and introductions to the basic lacrosse skills needed to start playi