Pikes Peak Lacrosse Sharpshooters are a non-profit youth lacrosse organization serving Colorado Springs School District 11 (D11), District 49 (D49) and the surrounding areas of Falcon, Fountain, Manitou Springs, Black Forest, Briargate, Woodmoor and Monum

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PPL - Boys Spring 2023 Season Registration

The season will have 8 scheduled games as well as a championship tournament.  All registered players will be placed appropriate team based on age, skill, size, and team need. Additional teams within each age group will be determined based on the number of players registered.


  • U7/U8 - $199
  • U9/10/11/12/13/15 - $249

TEAMS:  Ages may be combined into age appropriate, competitive teams based on registration numbers. 

U7 (Born before 6/1/2016) 

U8 (Born on or after 6/1/2015)

U9 (Born on or after 6/1/2014) 

U10 (Born on or after 6/1/2013)

U11 (Born on or after 6/1/2012)

U12 (Born on or after 6/1/2011)

U13 (Born on or after 6/1/2010)

U14/15 (Born on or after 6/1/2008 or not higher than the 8th grade)



IMPORTANT: Proof of age required for all NEW players who have not played during the Spring season before. A birth certificate, passport or other official document may serve as proof of age certifying player's birthday. If you provided proof of age last year, you do not have to submit proof again. 


US LACROSSE MEMBERSHIP: All players must maintain a current US Lacrosse ($30 youth fee). This membership provides insurance for players and teams. To check your membership anniversary date, click here.


  1. Log in at:  http://www.uslacrosse.org/membership/member-portal.aspx
  2. In the Left Menu go to > Family Management (Click on Players Name)
  3. In the Left Menu go to > Game Participation
  4. Scroll to bottom of page look for "In the area below, please add/update your team information"
  5. If you have no team information - at the bottom of this menu choose "Add New Record".   If you have an existing team - choose "Edit"
  6. A pop-up window will open up.  Type in "Pikes Peak" hit "Search".
  7. In the results you will see (2) Pikes Peak Lacrosse Clubs to choose from.  One has Mexico listed as the state and the other has Colorado.  Please make sure you choose the one with the correct state, Colorado.
  8. Save before you leave.

GAMES:  8 regular season games will be scheduled.  Games begin the first weekend in April.  Games run through April and May, concluding with State Championship Tournament at the end of May. Additional tournaments may be added to the end of the season based on interest and availability.  

GAME LOCATIONS:  Expect about half of the games to be played in the Denver area (away games), with the remainder (home games) played in Colorado Springs.

PRACTICES:  We understand balancing work and family can be difficult so we are trying our best to have practices in a central location.  Practices will be be determined based on registration. Practices are typically 2 or 3 days/week. Days and times will be determined by the coaches in conjunction with parents.


  • The uniform incudes a reversible pinnie (jersey), shorts, an optional shooter shirt.  Shorts are $35. Boys pinnies are $40. Shooter shirts are optional, and cost $45.  White T-shirts can be worn under pinnies if a shooter shirt is not purchased. A reversible practice jersey is $20.



  • stick - Any new or used stick will do. About 99% of store bought new sticks will have pockets that are not conducive to learning basic lacrosse skills, PPL coaches suggest having ALL stick pockets restrung based on the players ability and throwing style, especially new sticks.
  • lacrosse helmet - Cascade R and Warrior Regulator helmets have been recalled and will not be allowed for us during practice or games.
  • mouth guard - please buy an extra mouthpiece to place in your gear bag.
  • lacrosse shoulder pads - NOCASE ND 200 compliant shoulder pads are required as of January 1, 2022.
  • arm guards (some kids prefer smaller elbow pads but they leave more skin exposed that can get nailed by a lacrosse ball)
  • lacrosse gloves
  • protective cup


  • rib pads (protect ribs and kidneys from fast flying ball and stick checks)
  • cleats (recommended. Good for playing on natural turf)
  • large duffle bag and water bottle

Some on-line vendors sell "starter packages" for new players.
SportsStop Starter Packages
Lax.com Starter Packages
ComLax Starter Packages
Dick's Sporting Goods Starter Packages


Play it Again Sports is a good local source for used gear.
5170 N Academy Blvd (Academy & Union next to Target)
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Base Cost: $249.00 Early Bird Discount: $50.00 through 01/01/2023

Opened: 10/28/2022

22-23 Winter Box Session

Winter Box. January and February 2023

Sharpen your stick skills with PPL and Box lacrosse at The Soccer Haus this January and February. 


Opened: 11/12/2021
Closes: 02/28/2023

Open to: Boys & Girls

In Grades: K to 8 for 2022-23 School year

Pirates 22-23 Winter Box Session

Winter Box. January and February 2023

Sharpen your stick skills with PPL and Box lacrosse at The Soccer Haus this January and February. 


Opened: 11/12/2021
Closes: 02/28/2023

Open to: Boys & Girls

In Grades: 9 to 12 for 2022-23 School year

PPL Spring 2023 Equipment Rental

Pikes Peak Lacrosse Equipment Rental

Equipment is rented on a first come, first served basis.  We can not guarantee that we will have any specific equipment at any given time. Pikes Peak Lacrosse Rental Equipment Inventory consists of Cascade helmets and multiple sizes of shoulder pads, arm pads and gloves, and sticks. 

Base Cost: $250.00

Opened: 10/28/2022

Open to: Boys & Girls

In Grades: K to 8 for 2022-23 School year

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